kikaDESIGN is an author website development and design company with over a decade of experience.

We create dynamic, feature-rich, and drop-dead gorgeous websites that are tailored to individual authors and their needs.

Over the years, we’ve watched our clients and how they—and their readers—interact with their site. From this, we built a revolutionary custom author platform within WordPress.

In addition to our awesome web design services, we also offer custom print design and social media integration services so that your branding goes with you no matter where you are.


Web Design + Development

We strive to ensure the website packages we offer include what our authors need including book excerpts, ordering options, reviews, and more.

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Online + Print Branding

Expand your brand to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Mailchimp. Or go offline with business cards, postcards, bookmarks, and more.

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"We're building relationships—not just websites. When your project ends, kikaDESIGN will still be here, ready to help in any way we can. YOU are the most important part of our business."

Katrina Glover Owner, Designer + Developer

When I hear "I love it", that's when I know we got it right. And I don't stop until we get there.

In 2011, Katrina founded kikaDESIGN and began offering web design services to small businesses. It wasn't long before writing friends began reaching out for help. With experience in both web design and marketing as well as knowledge of the book industry, Katrina found herself in a unique position to understand what authors needed and what readers, agents, and publishers wanted. Using this background, Katrina has helped authors all over the world establish their brands. She is also the proud developer a custom author system that allows authors to easily update their entire website within minutes.

Background + Education.

Katrina has been designing and coding websites long enough to remember IE6 (shudder) and tables (double shudder). In truth, she never expected to do anything but write. But as so often is the case, life happened and writing took a backseat.

Once she caught the coding bug, Katrina decided to make it official. Katrina graduated with honors from the University of Denver (Go Pios!) with a Bachelors in Digital Media & Marketing and also holds an Associates in Graphic Design.


When not coding or dreaming of coding (yes, that happens), Katrina can be found enjoying the beautiful bipolar weather of Colorado—usually with a good book in hand.

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