MailChimp + WordPress? Yes, you can!

Have you ever wanted to send out a newsletter featuring your WordPress posts but thought it would be just one big hassle?

That was the same thought that we had when a client requested a newsletter populated solely by WordPress. And to top it off, they wanted it to be easy. Easy? We were just hoping it was possible.

After a bit of research, and a lot of misses, we finally got our hit: WordChimp.

WordChimp is so easy to use, it really shocked us. All you need to do is install and activate  the plugin, then grab an API from MailChimp and enter it into the settings page and wah-lah, you’re good to go. WordChimp will automatically bring in your lists and any custom templates you’ve designed and uploaded to MailChimp.

There are a few setting options (excerpt versus full post, display time and date, and display author name) and (very important) you have to make sure that you don’t have the setting that allows people to choose their email output (plain text, html, or mobile) checked in MailChimp. Otherwise you’ll get an error and have to start over.

So there you have it. A very, very simple way to integrate MailChimp into WordPress and vice versa.

Have you tried out WordChimp? What do you think of the plugin?